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Mobile phone users in all over the world do not use their phone just for communication. These days there are smartphones more than simple mobiles. Anyone can install so many entertaining items into his phone according to his own choice. There are games, movies, songs, photo editors, song editors, recorders, radio and etc… for people’s happiness. When we are talking about games, there are several of them such as action, thriller, strategy, puzzle, building, casual, platform adventures, arcade, shooter, zombie, stick figure, Metroid, simulation and etc… Especially; boys and also some girls too are very interested in action games like Soul Knight.

They are hurry to install them to their phones in the exact moment the game released. Anyone can say that Soul Knight is the best which people ever liked. Some games can only be installed to android. Some are for iOS only. But it will be good news for you all to know that Hollow Knight soul master can be installed into both systems.

Soul Knight

How to play Soul Knight?

Here there is a dungeon. You have to enter and explore it. You are given a weapon first. You can choose it on your own. On the way of exploring, you will find more weapons and sometimes the bullets. They are not only guns but also the swords and bows too. You can collect them and have to shoot your enemies as many as you meet. You score according to the number of enemies.

Your enemies are aliens. The world has grabbed them. You have to find a certain magic stone to release us. On the way, you can destroy the aliens. Actually, you cannot kill them all. You will destroy only a number of them and you have to hide from others to be safe.

Bosses such as Giant crystal crab, king snow ape, grand knight, etc… will meet you time to time, step to step to stop your journey. But it is so sure that you can defeat them all. You just have to use the correct weapon in the correct time. Also, you must know your enemy’s various weapons and always try to stay safe. All you have to do is to move here and there and continue shooting to save yourself. Soul tyrant hollow Knight is a really thrilling game.


Features in soul master hollow Knight

First of all, you will understand that in this game you will have heroes who are not like usual heroes, and also the weapons are unique too such as the heroes. Secondly, there are more weapons than you hope. Actually, there will be more than a hundred and seventy.

In most of the other games, you will find four or five backgrounds, but here the inside places are built randomly. Therefore every time you play the game, you will find a new dungeon. Then you will not be fed up. You will find the NPC’s or some pets are fighting for you. It will be a big help.

Sometimes you will feel uncomfortable playing games on the mobile because not like the computer, the phone has a small screen. Especially it is very difficult for shooting gamers to play their games because they cannot take the aim to shoot correctly. You may get angry most of the time because no matter how correctly you shoot, you cannot cut down your enemy. But this game is different. It can aim automatically. Therefore it is very easy for the player to kill. You do not have to move your fingers here and there impatiently to cut down the enemies.

As it is said in here, you can find many more features in this game to be enjoyed. You just have to install it and give it a try. You will be amazed.

Soul Knight

Soul Knight Characters

There are around 14 characters in Soul Knight. They come with different abilities. Some of the characters will unlock only if you pay a certain amount. The characters available in the Soul Knight are the Knight, rogue, assassin, wizard, elf and so on. The Knight character manages energy, and the rogue has the power to stab enemies.  The wizard is a female character and carries useful weapons. The elf has guns as weapons. These are some of the characters in the game. Hollow Knight Soul Master is the Head of the Soul Sanctum. The Soul Master Hollow Knight has strong powers.

Simple Guide of Soul Knight Buffs

Soul Knight Buffs are the powers in the game. In the first level, you could choose one buff, and as you go to higher levels, you could have 1 to 5 buffs. In the garden there will be certain plants, you could collect buffs from them. You could receive the fire immunity power from the dragon fruit tree, energy power from the magic flower and poison immunity from the mandrake. The Caterpillar Fungus increases maximum health. These are some of the buffs in the game.

Mini Guide of Soul Knight Statues and Their Effects

The Statues in the Soul Knight are the interactive objects that are found alone in rooms. To use a statue, it will cost money. Also, you will get a particular effect related to the character’s skill. Statues will let your characters achieve faster skills. The Statue effects can be seen by the colored circle around the character’s feet.  A player can only have one statue effect active at a time.

The top 10 Best Soul Knight Weapons

Here are the best weapons that you could use on Soul Knight.  There are melee weapons, and also there are certain other special weapons as well.  There are gun weapons as well.  Boss Weapons can be used for the boss characters. There is also the Melee weapon which is a swing that forms an arc or a stab. Throwing weapon follows a shooting mechanism. Starter Weapons are free weapons, and you could get them when the game starts.

Soul Knight Game


Downloading the game is very easy. You just have to go to the play store or the app store and type the name. You will see that there are more than ten million downloads for now.

This one is not like other games. There are some tips too. You will find many cheating ways there. First, you have to find the settings and the “secrets” button. Then type the codes. You will get more gems, but make sure you will use them correctly.

Here are some Soul knight codes for you.

By typing SKGIFT or DOUSHOU you will get 500 gems. SKNIGHTS will give you 488. SKBACK or DRUID will give 999 gems. NDAYSK will give 800 and KLWYX will give you 666 gems for your own good.

Download Latest Version Soul Knight Apk

The Soul Knight game is fun. It is a free game, and all its features are great. You could get Soul Knight on your phone or PC. You will need its Apk.  Download the Apk and enjoy all its features. You will find this to be the best shooting game.

Download Soul Knight


Not like other shooting games, this one is very easy to play. You can easily collect the weapons and the gems and can score easily too. Therefore you will not feel bored. Step by step you will get more interested in this one. Do not scold us if you feel to stop every other work and try to play the Soul Knight game!